bachelor's degree. Also: B.A.; B.S.; Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Science.

bands. The names of bands or other musical groups are presented in capital letters, without quotation marks.

believers church. (But believer's baptism).

Believers Church Bible Commentary series. Volume titles should be presented in italics (1-2 Peter, Jude by Erland Waltner), and the series name, Believers Church Bible Commentary, in Roman type.


Better World Books. A book company that uses part of its profits to promote literacy. The main warehouse is located at 55740 Currant Rd. Mishawaka. Better World Books' retail store is located at 215 S Main St, Goshen.

Bible, biblical. When a specific verse is mentioned in parenthesis, the book should be abbreviated according to the NRSV guide, and take periods (e.g., Eph.); otherwise, spell it out.

biennial. The term means occurring every two years. Climbing the numerical ladder brings triennial (3), quadrennial (4), quinquennial (5) and so forth.

black. See African-American, black entry.

blond, blonde. Blonde is used as a noun for females; blond is used as a noun for males and a hair descriptor for both males and females. A blond boy approached her.

books. See composition titles.


Brenneman, Jim. The former president of Goshen College takes three n's.

Brethren in Christ. This Anabaptist denomination originated in Pennsylvania from Mennonite roots. Like Mennonites, the Brethren in Christ emphasize simple living, pacifism and service.

Broadside. About 10 times a year the Broadside committee — composed of both faculty and students — publishes a piece of original creative writing in placard, or "broadside," format. Each piece is individually signed by the author and distributed free of charge to a subscription list of about 250 people on campus. Since 1976 the outstanding writing of students, faculty and staff members, as well as visitors to campus, has been honored by such publication. Poems, songs and short fiction are welcome in the series. Authors are also encouraged to submit an illustration or visual design for the publication, which is produced by a paid student assistant.

"Broken Shield." The sculpture by John Mishler that is located in the lawn southeast of the Administration Building.
external image moz-screenshot-1.jpgbrokenshield.jpeg

building names. Capitalize the names of college buildings, churches, governmental buildings, hotels, specially designated rooms and so forth: the Administration Building, City Hall, Newcomer Center, Rieth Recital Hall, the Science Building, Wyse Hall. Never abbreviate. Capitalize the proper name of buildings, including words like hall and building if it's an integral part of the proper name: Newcomer Center, Yoder Hall.

Bulletin, the. The magazine of Goshen College is published quarterly.