dad. Use lowercase unless it is being used as a substitute for a proper name: Dad promised to leave the door unlocked; tell Mary's dad that he is welcome to join us. See also father.

datelines. The Record does not generally have the opportunity to run datelines, as stories are largely written and published in Goshen. See cities for a list of majors cities that stand alone without a state reference.

dates. In text and in citations, prefer month-day-year sequence, with year set off by commas. The events of April 18, 1775, have long been celebrated. Abbreviate most months when they are followed by numerals: Jan. 15. Avoid the use of th except in those unusual cases -- most often in quotes -- when the day precedes the month: the 28th of February. The preposition on adds clarity and euphony when introducing days of the week: Goshen plays Southern Nazarene on Friday rather than Goshen plays Southern Nazarene Friday, which suggests the university name consists of three words. For important dates in history: Sept. 11. Avoid strained possessives like Friday's Festival of Carols or Tuesday's meeting; prefer the Festival of Carols on Friday or the meeting on Tuesday. See also months.

David L. Lawrence Convention Center. This is the location of the convention center for the 2011 national gathering of Mennonite Church USA. It is located in downtown Pittsburgh and overlooks the Allegheny River. David L. Lawrence was a Pittsburgh mayor for 10 years, then became governor of Pennsylvania from 1959-1963.

days of the week. Capitalize them. Do not abbreviate except when necessary in tabular format: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat. Also, see dates and time elements.

deaf. Often referred to as "little "d" deaf. This is a term that is used to describe a person who has partial or complete loss of hearing.

Deaf. Often referred to as big "d" deaf. This is a term that is used to describe a person who closely associates and accepts the Deaf culture, including its customs and cultural norms, and uses American Sign Language (ASL) as a native language.

dean. As a formal title before a name, capitalize: Dean Ross Peterson-Veatch. See academic titles.

decades. Use Arabic figures to indicate decades of history. Use an apostrophe to indicate numerals that are left out; show plural by adding the letter s.1920s. 1535-1594.


degrees. See academic degrees.

deity. When referring to deities of Christianity and other religions, capitalize all noun references (e.g., Christ, Father, God, Holy Spirit, Incarnation, Jesus, the Logos, the Messiah, Prince of Peace, Son of God, Son of man, the Trinity, the Word). Derivatives take lowercase, whether as adjectives or nouns (e.g., christological, trinitarian). Lowercase personal pronoun references to deity as well, making exceptions to avoid ambiguity (e.g., he, him, thee, thou). (also see: god/God)

delegates, Mennonite. The bienniel church convention holds an Assembly in which delegates act on behalf of members of Mennonite Church USA. Delegates determine major policy issues, evaluate the work of the Executive Board and discern the voice of the Spirit in the midst of the Assembly.



discriminatory words. Avoid words that reinforce ethnic, racial, gender or ageist stereotypes. Avoid referring to someone's ethnicity, race, gender or age unless it's essential for the clarity of the story. (Race might be relevant when a criminal is at large; referring to ethnicity, race, gender, age or disability might be appropriate when an achievement or event is a first.) Use the substitution test: If you wouldn't say it about a Caucasian man, then don't say it about a woman, people of other races or people with disabilities.

dispensationalism. Associating different church practices and acts of God with specific periods of time, as in relegating the miraculous to the apostolic era.

DJ. for disc jockey.

doctor. See Dr.

doctorate. See academic degrees.

dollars and cents. Sums of dollars and cents should be given in figures, even when the sum is less than 10: 2 cents, $15, $18.21. Use the dollar sign with specific sums: $25 in cash. The cent symbol may be used in headlines and charts, but spell out the word in news articles (20 cents).

dorm floors. Kulp second, Yoder third.

Dr. should be reserved for those with earned doctorates: Dr. Evans, our surgeon. Do not use the title for someone whose degree is honorary.

duffel bags.