half. Most compound modifiers using half as a prefix call for a hyphen, but some are solid: half-century.



Harold and Wilma Good Library, The. The Harold and Wilma Good Library connects the campus to ideas and information in a variety of formats. In addition to over 135,000 print sources, the library maintains a video/DVD collection and serves as the gateway to thousands of scholarly databases, digital journals and electronic books. Collection strengths include peace, justice and conflict resolution, theology, early American hymnody and curriculum materials. The library also has more than 450 print periodical subscriptions and hundreds of electronic journal subscriptions. Our annual materials budget is $166,000 (for print, online, and audiovisual combined), which places us in the top one-third of private colleges and universities in Indiana in terms of resource-dollars-per-student.goodlibrary.jpeg

Librarians are available for one-on-one assistance throughout much of the day and evening and also offer group instruction. A web catalog indexes the collections of the Good Library, the Mennonite Historical Library, and 20 other Indiana college libraries. Interlibrary loans provide access to print materials in most North American libraries.

Other departments housed in the building include the Academic Support Center, the Mennonite Historical Library on the 3rd Floor, the Writing and Tutoring Center located on the 2nd Floor, the American Sign Language lab and lounge in the lower level. Also, the Multimedia Production Lab where GCTV broadcasts and GC Journal features are produced in the lower level.

The Library Hours are:
Mon-Thur: 7:30am-11:00pm
Fri: 7:30am-5:00pm
Saturday: 12:00-6:00pm
Sunday: 1:00-11:00pm

Hershberger Art Gallery.

Hispanic. This is the preferred term for those whose ethnic origin is in a Spanish-speaking country. Latino is acceptable for Hispanics who prefer the term (the feminine form is Latina), and the term appears to be gaining popularity. Use a more specific identification when possible, such as Cuban or Mexican-American.

historic peace churches.

(-) holder. Most compounds formed with holder are one word: jobholder, officeholder, shareholder. Exceptions include: ticket holder and preferred stock-holder.

home, hone. A detection device homes in on a signal source, as in homing pigeon. Hone means to sharpen, and is not used with in.

home page.

Human Trafficking Resolution. On second reference, the resolution. This was passed at Columbus 2009 and was presented by Mennonite Women USA. It is a commitment to advocate for victims of human trafficking and to take responsibility as consumers.