Kauffman, Allan. images.jpegKauffman, a Democrat and a graduate of Goshen College, is the mayor of Goshen. He served on the City Council for 16 years before becoming mayor in 1997. In 2011, he was reelected to a four-year term.

Kratz, Clayton. Born in 1896 in Blooming Glen, Pa., Clayton Kratz was a student at Goshen from 1917 to 1920. In the fall of his junior year, Kratz left Goshen to serve with Mennonite Central Committee in Russia; along with Orie O. Miller, he investigated relief options for Russian Mennonites who were starving because of the war and famine. Kratz was arrested, perhaps under suspicion as a spy, and was apparently executed. However, there is no record of his death. The Kratz dormitory is named after him. A documentary film, "Shroud for a Journey: The Clayton Kratz Story," is available in the Good Library.

Kick Off. A talent show organized by Campus Activities Council every semester.

Kill (volleyball). A hit resulting in a point for the attacking team.

kingdom of God.

Kulp Hall. Built in 1906, Kulp Hall is the oldest residence hall on the Goshen College campus. It currently serves as a coed residence for upper-class men and women and houses up to 68 students.