Laboratory Kindergarten. The kindergarten, in operation since 1959, is based in the Church-Chapel.

land(-). Most compounds with land as a prefix are solid, but there are exceptions: landfall, landfill, land mine, landslide.

Last Supper.

Latin; latinize.

Latino Studies Semester. The college will launch the Latino Studies Semester, also known as the domestic S.S.T., in the spring of 2010. Students will live on campus during the semester but take classes as an L.S.S. cohort. They will study Latino history, culture, arts and literature. Students who participate will work on a service project during the semester.

Leaf Raker. The college's snack shop is situated at the north end of the Union.

Lady Leafs. The Goshen College women's sports teams may be referred to as the Lady Leafs, with both words capitalized.

LGBTQ. The acronym that refers to people identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered or queer. Use instead of GLBTQ, another acronym.

like(-), (-)like. Compounds with like as a prefix are hyphenated (like-minded). Compounds with like as a suffix are solid unless the main element ends in l or is a proper noun (childlike, jewel-like, Reagan-like).

long(-), (-)long. Most compounds with long as a prefix are one word but some are hyphenated (e.g., longhand, long-running, long-term, longtime). Most compounds formed with long as a suffix are one word when it is a one-syllable word ending in a consonant (e.g., daylong and yearlong but minute-long).

Lord's Supper.