obscenities, profanities, vulgarities. Do not use them in stories unless they are part of direct quotations and there is a very compelling reason for them. Make every effort to convey a sense of what was said without using the specific word or phrase. Avoid using hyphens, dashes or soap to sanitize a word; that has the unintended effect of calling more attention to the objectionable term. The adviser should be consulted before publishing such words.


off-campus housing. Eligibility requirements changed in 2007 (first affecting the class of 2008), from students who have 90-plus credit hApartments.jpgours earned to those with 112-plus credit hours earned; from age 22 at the outset of the semester to age 23 during a semester; from living only with parents to living with immediate family members. Apartment buildings, pictured left, were built to accommodate juniors and seniors.

oftentimes; oft. Substituting the plain often for the literary archaisms oftentimes or oft serves best.

O.K., O.K.'d, O.K.'ing, OKs. Limit the term for features or informal contexts. Do not use okay.

Old Bag Factory, the. Goshen's historic Old Bag Factory, built in 1896, is now home to artists, antique and specialty shops, and a cafe. The building was first occupied by the Cosmo Buttermilk Soap Company until it became the Chase Bag Factory in 1910. In 1984, Larion and Nancy Swartzendruber transformed the rundown building into a collection of 19 shops. Their own business, Swartzendruber Hardwood, has since closed. The Old Bag Factory is located at 1100 Chicago Ave.

One-Acts. Produced by the theater department once a semester. When used as a title, the department prefers the hyphen to be included.

one another. See each other.

onetime (former); one-time (just once).

only. Here's a word that often has only one best place; please put it next to the word that it modifies. As Patricia O'Conner points out, the meaning shifts with the placement: Only the butler says he saw the murder; the butler only says that he saw the murder; the butler says only he saw the murder.