Radical Reformation.

radio programs. Use quotation marks and capitalize.

radio stations. Present stations using this format: WVPE-FM (88.1).

re-. Re-baptism, recommitment, reenact, reenvision, reexamine, reread.

Reading Day. Refers to the day (typically a Tuesday) during finals week in which all Goshen College classes are cancelled so that students can study for exams. Capitalize when referring to the specific day (i.e. Tomorrow is Reading Day) but lowercase in other instances (Goshen College offers a reading day for students).

reality TV, reality television.

Realtor. The term real estate agent is preferred for most people who assist in buying and selling homes. Some real estate agents are also Realtors (always uppercase), who are members of the National Association of Realtors.

Record, The Goshen College. The Record, which is published weekly in the fall and spring semesters, is distributed in news boxes across campus on the Thursday of a publication week. The paper is also available online at www.goshen.edu/record.

Recreation-Fitness Center. See Roman Gingerich.

Reformation; Counter-Reformation.

reformer; radical reformer.

reign, rein. The leather strap that controls a horse is a rein, as in seize the reins or free rein. The period in which a ruler sits on a thrown is a reign.

reticent. It means silent or inclined to be quiet, not reluctant to do something.

Rieth Recital Hall.The Rieth Recital Hall has 300 seats and is an outstanding venue for solo and chamber music, offering excellent acoustics to both performers and audience members

Roman Catholic Church, Catholic Church (institution); a Catholic church (a parish or building).

Roman Gingerich Recreation-Fitness Center. Recreation-Fitness Center is acceptable on first reference; avoid the shorthand Rec-Fit Center except in direct quotations. On second reference, prefer Recreation-Fitness Center or R.F.C. or the center. The center was named after Roman L. Gingerich, the first varsity basketball coach at Goshen and a professor of physical education from 1941-86. The center was built in 1993. See "Sky Waltz."

roommate: one word, not hyphenated.

Rott, the. As a reference to the cafeteria, this is acceptable only in direct quotations (e.g., "We met at the Rott for lunch," she said). The standard reference is to the cafeteria or the dining hall or dining room. Food services have been provided by AVI Fresh since fall 2009. Food services were previously provided by Sodexho, which was formerly known as Sodexho Marriott (hence, the Rott).


Russian Revolution. The revolution.