Sauder Concert Hall.

S.A. Yoder Memorial Lecture.

Schleitheim Articles. Individual articles should be treated like chapters in a book: Article 2.

school(-). school-age; school bus; school buses; schoolchildren; schoolteachers.

school names. Capitalize the formal name: Goshen High School; the high school.

Schrock Annex.

Science Hall.

scores. Use figures exclusively, placing a hyphen between the totals of the winning and losing teams. The score total for the winning team is usually given first, regardless of whether Goshen is the winner (Goshen lost to Triune University, 99-98). See volleyball for an exception.

Scripture, Scriptures. Capitalize when referring to all the books of the Old and New Testament, the entire Bible. Lowercase the adjective scriptural.

sculptures. The title should be capitalized and placed in quotation marks: The students held a vigil in front of the "Broken Shield" sculpture at sunrise.

semi(-). Most compounds formed with semi are one word: semiannual, semifinal, semiprivate, semiweekly.

semicolon. In a series in which semicolons are used between items, use a semicolon even before the final and. Semicolons should not be used to introduce a word, a phrase, a quote; that is a job best left for colons. He has one favorite dessert: chocolate cake.
seminar. Pittsburgh 2011 will be packed with seminars on a wide range of topics for audiences of all ages. Seminars are broken down into four categories; adult seminars, youth seminars, sponsor seminars and intergenerational seminars.

sorbet/sherbet. Although it is often pronounced "sher-bert", there is no "r" in the "bet". Although containing similar ingredients, sorbet is dairy-free where sherbet is often not.

Siete (7) Segundos. This is a Latin American club in downtown Goshen often featuring live latino bands. The name of the club is literally translated as Seven Seconds.

Sky_Waltz.jpeg"Sky Rhythms." The sculpture by John Mishler that is located in the plaza in front of the Recreation-Fitness Center.

soccer. The lineup order is goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards. The final score should be given in figures, with the total for the winning team presented first: Huntington scored a goal late in the game, defeating the Maple Leafs 2-1.


Sodexo. is a former food service provider for Goshen College.

small group housing. Goshen College offers small group housing to single students who are juiors, seniors or at least 20 years of age. Facilities are in residence hall units or houses for six to 12 students per group. Students form their own group and apply to Student Life for housing facilities.


source review. Reporters are encouraged to check back with sources during reporting, whether to ask additional questions or to verify facts or quotations. A final check back with a source before publication provides an extra safeguard. With highly technical information, it may make sense to have a source double-check whole paragraphs. This can be done either by phone or by e-mail or in person, whichever method is most easily managed before deadline. As a general practice, reporters should not have sources look over entire articles before publication. In any event, a reporter should be clear that he or she retains editing control, and that reviewing a portion of an article before publication does not mean the source is invited to edit quotations or withdraw information that had previously been shared. Source review should be managed with caution if on deadline. Whenever possible, reporters should consult with a senior editor or the faculty adviser should questions arise.

Spiritualism. Spiritualist.

spokesman, spokeswoman.The title spokesperson is approaching acceptance in formal circles, but hasn't quite arrived.

spring break.

Sr. Both Jr. and Sr., like II and III, are not to be set off by commas (e.g., Martin Luther King Sr.).

"Star-Spangled Banner, The." See songs or national anthem.

states. Use traditional state abbreviations when the state is preceeded by a town or city (e.g., Mich.) and spell out in other instances. For commonly known cities across the country, there is no need to refer to the state. The same is true of commonly known cities and towns in Indiana (She drives home to Mishawaka every weekend). Be sure to use a closing comma in place references with a town or city and a state: The company, which has its corporate headquarters in Lima, Ind., plans to hire 10 students.

The names of eight states are never abbreviated: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah.

Here are the standard abbreviations for the 42 other states, with ZIP code abbreviations in parentheses:

Ala. (AL)------Md. (MD) ------N.D. (ND)
Ariz. (AZ)-----Mass. (MA)---Okla. (OK)
Ark. (AR)-----Mich (MI)-------Ore. (OR)
Calif. (CA)----Minn. (MN)-----Pa. (PA)
Colo. (CO)----Miss. (MS))----R.I. (RI)
Conn. (CT)----Mo. (MO)-------S.C. (SC)
Del. (DE)------Mont. (MT)-----S.D. (SD)
Fla. (FL)-------Neb. (NE)-------Tenn. (TN)
Ga. (GA)------Nev. (NV)--------Vt. (VT)
Ill. (IL)----------N.H. (NH)--------Va. (VA)
Ind. (IN)--------N.J. (NJ)---------Wash. (WA)
Kan. (KS)-----N.M. (NM)-------W.Va. (WV)
Ky. (KY)-------N.Y. (NY)--------Wis. (WI)
La. (LA)--------N.C. (NC)--------Wyo. (WY)

The Postal Service abbreviations should only be used when providing addresses that include a ZIP code.

Stoltzfus, Rebecca. A former dean at Cornell University, Stoltzfus will become the 18th president of Goshen College in November.

street. See addresses.

Student Senate.

Study-Service Term. S.S.T. may be used on first reference for a more graceful expression, but the full name -- Study-Service Term -- should appear elsewhere in the article, preferably on second reference. S.S.T. programs begin with faculty-led orientation sessions before students even leave campus. Once students arrive in the host country, the first half of the semester, about six weeks, will be spent living with a local host family, listening to guest lecturers and studying language, culture, politics and history.

SST-er, SST-ers.

Stutsman, Jeremy. A former city councilman, Stutsman became the mayor of Goshen in January 2016, replacing Allan Kauffman.

sub(-). Escept before a proper noun or in certain Latin expressions, compounds formed with sub should be treated as a solid word: subassembly, subconference, subcommittee, sub rosa, sub-Saharan, subtitle.

subjunctive. Use this form of the verb to express wishful thinking or something contrary to fact. If she were still 18, she would run in the marathon. (But instead she's 35). If the college were able to move, I'd want to see dorms located down by the Elkhart River. (But the college is stuck by the railroad tracks).

Sunday school.