ultra(-). Prefer to close up the compounds unless the prefix precedes an a or an uppercase letter: ultraconservative, ultra-German, ultramodern.

Umble Center. Formally known as the John S. Umble Center, the center features a 400-seat theater. Student performances, as well as classes,bow.jpeg theatre department productions, speeches, and occasional chapels are held in the Umble Center. On the left, the cast of the completely student-produced operetta "I Fratelli Mario" bows.

Umble Master Class. Formally known as the Roy H. Umble Master Class in Communication and Theater, the annual lecture series is organized by the Goshen College communication and theater departments. Each year, a speaker gives several presentations, some of which are open to the public and others reserved for classes. The Umble Master Class began in honor of Roy H. Umble (1913-1996), a former professor of speech and son of John H. Umble, who likewise taught at the college.

un(-). Nearly all compounds formed with un are one word except when the prefix comes before an uppercase letter.

utilize. Prefer use in place of the more abstract utilize.

U.S. Acceptable as an adjective, but not as a noun, for United States.