wake-up call.

Washington. When there's no chance of getting the national capital and the state mixed up, it's best to omit D.C. in references to the capital.

Web. This is the shortened form of World Wide Web and refers to a service, or set of standards, that enables publishing documents on the Internet. Prefer Web site and Web page, but webcam, webcast and webmaster.

(w)Western. Western Christendom, Western Hemisphere; but western Pennsylvania, western France.

Welcome Center.

well. Use hyphen for modifiers used with well before nouns (a well-known singer) but omit hyphen if the compound follows the word it modifies (the singer was well known).

west. Capitalize when referring to the region of the United States, to Europe and the Americas, or to a specific region so named: the American West, the West, West Texas.

western. Capitalize when referring to the region of the United States, to Europe and the Americas, or to a specific region so named. But: western Indiana; western France; western movie.

Westlawn. A former dormitory now used for storage. The cafeteria is situated on the ground floor of Westlawn.

which. See that.

wildebeest. not wildebeast.

Women's World Music Choir. Refers to the women's choir in the Goshen College music department. Does not take an acronym (WMMC). "The women's choir" is acceptable on second reference.

wordplay. It's easy to get carried away with a theme like Bridges to (the) Cross in the "City of Bridges." Let's say a story in one issue notes that the delegates agreed to cross another bridge in interracial relations and a nearby article describes bridging the divide between generations. You can see how after a while the reflexive references to bridges would become an automatic groaner. Let's use puns or such references sparingly and, whenever possible, catch the reader by surprise with originality.

worldview. (weltanschauung).

World Wide Web, the Web, Web site.


Writing Center. Drop-in services are available from 4-6 p.m. every day and from 8-10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. The Writing Center, which is situated in the Good Library, offers personal peer mentors who can help with brainstorming for paper topics, developing a thesis, organizing, revising and final polishing.

Wyse Hall. Building on Goshen College campus between the Umble Center and the Science Hall. Houses the admissions, bible and religion, history, nursing, peace, justice, and conflict studies and sociology departments.